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may 2021

Focus on the art don't listen to everyone even if they say bad or good things. Follow your heart and don't let anyone change what you working on.


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All Inclusive

Qutaiba Raimah aka EQuBE is a music producer, mixing engineer, DJ, and remix artist based in Uppsala, Sweden. Creating a genre-bending force by bridging sounds from the furthest corners of the globe. Building on oriental roots and influenced by hip-hop, he introduces the future of sound with a mix of R&B, dancehall, Afropop, Reggaeton, and urban pop. With an organic approach and a profound understanding of sonic connections, master producer EQuBE teases out the best in artists from around the world. With over a million streams, EQuBE is a versatile Bass Champion merging diverse styles to build an intriguing library of musical journeys. It all started with a harmonic odyssey in 1999 that has advanced and evolved with each tune, unleashing an ever-expanding and progressing acoustic statement.


Music Production Journey

I come from a family that is really into music so it’s always been a part of my life. It all really started for me when I started break dancing in school in Baghdad. Through the years my friends and I put together a dance crew and just had fun with it. When I was a teenager I started writing rap lyrics because I wanted to express my feelings and hip hop was the closest thing to that for me. A few years later I got my hands on a program called Fruity Loops (now known as FL studio) and I started making my own beats. After a while, I stopped writing because I found making beats and production to be more rewarding and fun. My friend and I put together our first song and we got booked. We were part of a larger crew that was really into the hip-hop scene. From there I just devoted all my time to making beats. Some time passed and I wanted to branch out from just hip hop beats so I started working with different genres like Reggae and Dancehall and worked with a few different labels. When I moved to Sweden I had to start fresh again and I started to focus more on building connections and DJing. Eventually, I got signed with a Swedish label. I went to school for audio engineering and started my own label, making beats and producing with many different artists, which is my main focus today.

[Music] is my passion, no day goes by when I don't work on music. It's the hunger for creativity. I can describe the moment when I realize I wanted to pursue music and take it to the next level: It was the first moment for me to be on the stage and have an interview with a magazine after. That's when I realized I should keep doing this and even develop my art by teaching myself and going to college for an audio engineer education.

It's the hunger for creativity

Work Ethics

I love working with hungry artists. artists that they know what they can do and yet open to suggestions. Artists would like to break the rules or think differently than everyone else but also have a message and standers.

Life Lesson

Have a goal and shoot for it, it might not work but if you keep pushing you will hit it sooner or later. You have to be patient.


Name 3 projects that are special to you.

My partner Amer Al Taher aka Almukhtar song title Khayyala. Amer and I go way back to early 2000. we developed our art together and even solo. AlMukhtar has a different look at music. Very creative person in general and has lots of love for music and also has a great message. the message of the song is to empower women in Arabic countries but also around the world in general. equality with women and men.

My artist Asi song title Har Ikke Tid. It's a soft jam with an Rnb twist. Asi has a promising future and he has a different voice and the way how he writes lyrics is different from what's going on around Sweden. He's a hungry artist and always coming up with new songs.

My artist Oscar Nyrén song title Min Madam. It's a song for the ladies just sending positive vibes and spreading love and respect. Oscar Nyrén is a beast when it comes to lyrics and flows. He can rap and sing and what's best about him is that he has a good heart.


Future Projects?

To be honest I prefer to work with the new upcoming artists, to give them the chance they need and polish their art. I feel that's what my purpose is. But I would like to expand my music with more Arab artists.

Have a goal and shoot for it!

Parting Message

If this is the first time you hear about me please go and check out my music and if you already know about me then you can keep supporting our art, it means a lot to us and since I'm an independent artist /music producer. Each stream or 'like' matters. A lot is coming out this year Inshalla. Will introduce more new male/female artists.