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[noun]’s segment dedicated to Emirati artists and their journey to give honor to the UAE through music.

march 2021

Just listen to your heart (for real) and NEVER give up.


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Eman Al

A Woman Of Success

Eman Al Hashimi. A certified life coach, holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management and a Master's Degree in Arts of Communications and Strategic Public Relations, and 6 books published so far. Twitter will run out of character space to fit all of Eman's achievements and accolades in one post. First UAE female composer for orchestra, first pianist to play in the 'World Music Day' hosted in UAE in 2000, first pianist to represent the country abroad in Italy 'Expo Milan 2015,' first Emirati female who composed a melody using military instruments, under the title 'Martyr,' first Emirati pianist to perform at the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, and the list goes on!


She started learning music at the age of 5. "I was 5 yrs old when music found me first, as we became best friends in a glance." And such friendship grew and garnered astounding success along the way. Her first composition was all about a positive mindset. "It is good to think of the good person you are from the inside at first, then anything else would be great accordingly," she said.

The success of her endeavor 'Sound of Silence' reached an international appeal. Eman, music, and silence was a recipe for a masterpiece. "I was home alone as my family traveled to the UK so silence decided to make a good friendship with me and my music." Having all the accomplishments so far, Eman seems to show no signs of slowing down. She's on her way to make a mark in the next 5 years. "I always look at the full picture and this picture does not include only me, but also all the music industry in my beloved county UAE and I see us on the top of the world as I dream to play our music in SPACE for the first time in the world. Being ahead is a trait that comes to her naturally.

Just listen to your heart

When asked about her opinion on what is lacking in the local Emirati music scene, she responds positively."I don't think we lack anything but sometimes music should be taken seriously as a real language from soul to soul." Having accomplished so much, one would wonder where she gets her drive and inspiration from in writing her compositions. "That is a good question because I am a writer who published 6 books so far and also a painter who paints rarely, so regarding music I let my heart decide what to say in which way it desires." She leaves this message to her fellow Emirati musicians. "Wish them all the best and hope to get together as one in order to reach every single spot on planet earth and maybe outer space as well."