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july 2021

Be true and honest with your music. Push even when you feel like you can’t anymore.


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This One's On You

Douglas Sorro AKA DougieTheDon! A rapper originally out of Los Angeles California now represents the city of Las Vegas NV. He has been rapping since he was 12 years old. The past year Dougie decided to push his music career and "it has been picking up fast!" Since the pandemic, Dougie took a lot of time to focus on what he wants to represent as well as honing the creative side of music.


"I have always wanted to be a rapper but I was torn between basketball and music and I ended up going with basketball." It took someone close to him to push him back into the music path. His first song ever recorded was at a friend's studio in Van Nuys California. "Just random punch lines that rhyme," he recalls. DougieTheDon's latest project released was an album called 'This One’s On You.' "This album has a lot of personal pains I have overcome in my life. I truly believe music must be transparent."

I have always wanted to be a rapper

When asked about his daily routine, he said he is a morning person and would rather record in the morning than in the evening. "I'm more creative that way." His father inspires him more than anyone, who raised him and his brother solely. "He showed us what it means to be a great father." If there is anything that keeps his mind away from the busy life, it would be basketball. According to Dougie, it was the only thing he wanted to do more than music. "Kobe Bryant was my idol and I wanted to play in the NBA so bad."

"If I had the power to change the world I would end all sickness," he stated. Leaving no room for apathy amidst a world of prejudice. On the lighter side of things, his favorite song at the moment is Eminem's performance of 'I Am' at the MTV music awards! He aspires to be influenced creatively by Drake. "If I had 5 minutes with anyone it would have to be Drake. I would love to pick his mind on creativity."