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september 2021

I have been singing since I was 10 years old, and I started playing the guitar at the age of 14. Once I started playing the guitar, I began writing my own music. I enjoy using the creativity of music as an outlet to express how I am feeling.


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Cara Paige

On A New Stage

When Covid first began, 21-year-old singer from Atlanta, Georgia Cara Paige dreaded to do anything albeit go anywhere. This caused her to become isolated which spiraled to depression. Music became a means to express her feelings and share them with the world. The whole experience led the songwriter to pen music about Covid called 'Love You Through the Window' primarily because the pandemic made her realize that "even though most things were not the same" and "a lot of things were taken from us", our human nature can still lead us to love and care for others. According to Cara, love is the one thing that Covid can not take away from anyone and she hopes to spread this message and infuse a positive light into the situation.


Please tell us about your musical journey.

I have always loved singing, but I never imagined I'd play an instrument and become a songwriter. My biggest inspiration is Taylor Swift. I started playing the guitar because of her. After I went to her 1989 concert, I sat down and wrote my first song. Writing the first song was hard because I had never done it before and so I didn't really know what I was doing. But, after I had written that first song, the rest just continued to flow and I was writing at least one song a week, if not more.

What was your first song about?

My first song is called 'Red Flags' and it's about the boy I had my first kiss with (Laughs). It was a super big deal back then. I had a huge crush on this guy and all of my friends had told me not to get involved with him. I didn't listen to them and of course, I ended up getting hurt in the end just like they said I would.

I didn't listen... I ended up getting hurt

Aside from family and friends, who is that one person that inspires you?

Besides my family and friends, the one person that inspires me has got to be Taylor Swift, and maybe now Olivia Rodrigo. I've always been a huge Swiftie and it's my dream to collaborate with Taylor one day. Olivia is a very similar artist to Taylor and I consider myself to also be very similar to the two of them.

Do you consider yourself a morning person?

Absolutely not (laughs). I am 100% a night owl. If I could sleep until noon everyday, I would. I usually go to bed between midnight and 2 am. I've been trying to create better sleep habits for myself and wake up earlier during the weekdays, but I'm still always tired in the morning.


Your latest single release, how did come about? What was the process behind it?

The latest single I released is called 'Empty Parking Lot.' I released it in December of 2020. It was actually a song I wrote for a class. I was taking a music production class at the time and I wrote this song so that I could produce it myself. Because of Covid, people were having groups over in smaller crowds and I wasn't always invited. It wasn't intentional, but it made me feel like I was continuously forgotten about and like people didn't even know I exist. It's not my favorite song I've ever written and I wasn't going to release it because I thought the production was bad since it wasn't professionally done, but I decided to put it out there because "You Only Live Once" and even though it's not my favorite, the meaning behind it is still really important to me.


Aside from music, what else gives you a sense of accomplishment?

Besides music, something else that gives me a sense of accomplishment is doing well in school. My grades are really important to me and if I don't make it in the music industry then I am going to pursue something in the medical field. Obviously, music is my passion and so I hope it all works out, but I feel really good when my hard work at school pays off with receiving good grades. It makes me feel like I can be successful in anything I work hard at.

If you have the power to change one thing in the world what would that be?

If I had the power to change one thing in the world I would make sure everyone was treated equally and fairly. I know this is such a common thing we all want, and it might sound cheesy, but I just want everyone to support each other and let everyone live their lives the way that they want to without being judged.

I would make sure everyone was treated equally

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