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With a wealth of creativity and styling background, Nagwa Zahran knows exactly what each woman wants to wear. She knows how to reveal the true the extent of hers. For every woman who has similar priorities, seeking effortlessly stylish and always elegant clothes in quality fabrics and with clever details that can be worn day in, day out, year after year. nagwa-zahran-jlo
behind the stars | nagwa zahran: a couture affair1

behind the stars


a couture affair

nagwa daughter

Known for her signature black lace etiquette in her designs, Egyptian designer Nagwa Zahran is taking the MENA region's fashion industry by storm.

Her most recent stint with
international singer superstar
Jennifer Lopez had her name
buzzing worldwide. An avid Amr
Diab fan, she admits listening
to his songs while creating the
next fashion trend even
Egyptian singer Latifa
had flaunted in the past.

behind the stars | nagwa zahran: a couture affair2
nagwa zahran latifa

who is nagwa?

As a young girl, I was always interested in clothes, I would check the outfits of my mother and start coming up with ideas to change them. This passion grew with me during my career as an IT engineer, a turning point was deciding to follow my dream to do what I love the most which were and still are being a designer and creating my own brand.

about challenges

Being an IT engineer makes me a very meticulous person, this is why I keep focusing on the smallest details in my work. Wanting to create an outfit that stands out, not just in terms of design, but through the whole production process and the finishing techniques involved. I check every piece myself, to see that each measurement is perfect and that everything is the way I drew it.

staying grounded

For those who know me, I am someone who works all the time.

Always thinking of what I can do next, it’s never about what I did, it’s about the next step, this is why I feel I am on solid ground. Trusting the right people is a lesson I've learned dearly. I'm still human. I even lost my phone between fabrics - that's a funny moment.

the jennifer lopez gig

It’s a challenge to dress a star no less thank JLo, because you know that such an experience will mark your path. This was a result of continuous hard work, wanting to prove myself to becoming the name I am dreaming of. Such constant challenges make every day worth the effort.

working with kareem nour

Working with Kareem Nour is not about doing a photoshoot, it is a way of feeling, of touching, and loving what you have caught on film forever. Kareem knows how to capture the humanity of moments because his soul is behind the lens and his talent makes his work real.

behind the stars | nagwa zahran: a couture affair3

behind the stars


nagwa catwoman

The catwoman theme shows different contrasts that we as humans have inside us.

It shows our dark and bright sides through their sharp contrasts, hence I wanted to show this aspect of human nature and the different shadows that we have within.

Even with all the accolades, Nagwa still dreams of having her "stores in Paris and Milan". Her "profound admiration" for Queen Rania of Jourdan makes her desire of one day designer for her.
For anyone who wants to pursue their fashion design dreams, Nagwa's wise words are "Just believe in yourself. Believe in the dream."

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behind the stars | nagwa zahran: a couture affair5

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