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LA, California recording artist Katie Dix has her hands full.
A tour with no less than the iconic Sir Rod Stewart, a lipstick company, promoting her country single "Morning, Noon and Night" and working on new music, Katie is belting out her way to stardom in level-headed fashion.

Not to mention her love for cats and scuba diving on the side, there's no backing down for this feisty backing vocals as she's set to ride the airwaves in glittering style.

musivv reached out to Katie for an interview about her life, music, and everything in between. Get to know her more.

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behind the stars | katie dix: a star behind the star


music journey

Oh gosh, there are so many amazing opportunities that I've had throughout my singing career. I could literally write a book! I started singing when I was just a little girl performing in musical theaters and competing in beauty pageants. After high school, I went on to sing with legendary Buck Owens regularly at the famous Crystal Palace. After his passing, I moved to Las Vegas, where I was the lead singer in FANTASY at the Luxor Hotel. 

I also sang as a Carrie Underwood tribute artist in the show American Superstars at the Stratosphere Casino. After spending almost six years in Las Vegas, I headed to Los Angles to create my own music. Several nights a week I'd perform at high-end steakhouses along with iconic places like The Viper Room and The Hotel Cafe. Now I get to travel the world as a backup singer for Sir Rod Stewart!

Give up? NEVER! There are always times, of course, when I've felt frustrated, frazzled, and tired. [Showbiz] is a hard business; there's so much talent everywhere. For example, when you show up to an audition and everyone is just as talented as you are, it makes it so tough! But, I kept doing it because singing and dancing on stage was the only thing I've ever thought about doing. You have to love it, and I absolutely do. 

behind the stars | katie dix: a star behind the star


above and below right: Katie Dix with Rod Stewart performing on stage.

working with a superstar

I love this question so much. Just think about working with an absolute LEGEND and singing in front of 50 plus thousand people and then multiply that by 100. That's how fun it is! There's being on stage, and then there are all the crazy shenanigans that happen off stage and on the tour bus.

typical day

Let's see, on or off tour? On tour, it's filled with sound checks, dance rehearsals, vocal sessions, exercising, sightseeing if we have a few days off, and going to dinners with the band! Off the tour, I get up very early and go to bed very late. I still keep up with exercising, filling orders for my lip gloss company, recording music, or doing something fun like going wine tasting, going to a show, or if I'm feeling competitive, an arcade!

katie dix and rod stewart

behind the stars | katie dix: a star behind the star


My other passion is Glam Stix!
I wanted something I could wear while I was singing that wasn't sticky, wouldn't get into my hair, but was still super sparkly. So I created just that.

Glam Stix is light enough to wear during the day but bold enough when I'm performing under all those lights on the stage! It's exciting to get to share that with everyone.

You're in my heart; you're in my soul You'll be my breath should I grow old You are my lover; you're my best friend You're in my soul.

balancing schedule

Oh, I don't! (LOL) I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting to do at this very moment. But, I do love sticky notes! I put dozens of post-it notes on the refrigerator, mirrors, my computer, and my treadmill. That way I hopefully won't forget anything.

I've only been writing music for a few years...

but I do love the process of turning an idea into a whole song. I'll start with lyrics and a melody; then I'll have my team come in with the guitars, piano, and drums. At the end of the countless hours of recording and rewriting, I'm left with an amazing song that hopefully people can relate to and sing along with.

My favourite RS song, I'd have to go with "You're In My Heart." You can tell there was so much love when he wrote it. I mean, it's heartfelt, relatable, and I just love the chorus

Favourite food? Oh, hands down I will eat a Caprese Salad for every meal for the rest of my life if I could. It's so simple to make too! 

Advice to aspiring artists? To me, having a strong support system is everything. Surround yourself with people that are business-minded, positive, and [would love to] see you achieving your goals just as much as you do. It can come from your family and friends, a club at school, church, or group online. Of course, you should be your [own] cheerleader, but why not have a whole squad on your side?

Couldn't have said it any better. Katie's journey to success didn't come easy - with all of life's curve balls. It will not be a surprise though if one glorious day [or night], she headlines sans Sir Rod. We have "Reason To Believe" Katie's reaching for the star that she already is. So "People Get Ready!"

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behind the stars | katie dix: a star behind the star


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