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Sports and music have been part of Ramilya's life early on. Her interest in music began at the age of seven. Inspired by her sister as she enjoyed listening to her playing the piano. Her parents were supportive and sent her to a music school. Singing, however, is fairly new to her as she only began experimenting with her vocal range six years ago.

"Regarding sports, from early childhood, I started getting into activities because of my parents. The desire and passion for this flow, precisely, for an active lifestyle, they brought out in me. They developed me from all sides. Football, swimming, tennis was a daily routine for us. We especially liked to swim in the open air while it’s raining. Oh, that’s such a great feeling!"

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musivv caught up with the once-professional archer for a one-on-one interview.

What do you think is the role of music in sports?

Music playing a huge role in sport! People listen to music while they exercising, running, or doing any other activities. Music motivates, gives the energy to train, pushes to move forward.

I think music is the soul

If you were to choose only one, either sports or music, what would it be and why?

Oh, That is a hard one. I'm torn. Would choose both actually. But if I were to choose one it would be music I think. Music is the soul. It stirs everything up in me like a fire.

What tends to give you more of an escape, sports or music?

Definitely both. Music and sports have reinvigorated me with a sense of both freedom and purpose.

How important in your opinion is keeping a healthy lifestyle?

Ooo, a healthy lifestyle is a key to happiness. I’m sure food makes us feel better and I’m not exactly a special case. Yes, I love eating. Love chewing veggie stuff especially. Also, I’m in love with honey. Haha I take care of my health. Try to move more and pay more attention to my diet.



What's your songwriting process?

Yes, I’m a songwriter, but a fresh one. I’m just starting out. Mostly I compose for myself at home. At concerts, I usually perform my friend’s compositions. My first completed song was about my hometown Kazan city. My friend saw an advertisement for a competition and offered me to participate in. I’m so grateful! Maybe if not for this I wouldn’t even try to write. So I’m happy to get started.


I'm a songwriter, but a fresh one

Who is your favorite music/sports icon and why?

I love Lady Gaga and our local singer Alina Sharipdzhanova. They are both incredible singers. Their proficiency in using their voice is admirable! My sports icon is Zuzka. She is an online fitness coach. She has her own fitness program and her exercises are unique. She is a great motivator. And her body!!!! ADORABLE!! She is so in shape.ender