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july 2021

Art does not recognize frontiers. It can be found everywhere. It burgeons in the mind of the talented artist who takes it to real life.


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Dream Big!

Breaking the barriers of living with autism, 26-year-old author and singer-songwriter from North East, Middlesbrough Bobby Latheron spreads awareness and support for others living with autism. His struggles and mental health story drive him to scale the steep road to success. And while he's working hard to see the big dreams come to life, he stays socially responsible raising awareness on a condition that affects 1 of every 100 in the UK. "I have a published book, currently writing another one, and have a passion for songwriting.


When Bobby was around 4 years old, karaoke was his go-to music staple. "I would always be singing and I will always remember singing to my Grandma." They were fond of Celine Deon's 'My Heart Will Go On'. "I just remember a mic was always in my hand, home, or on occasions, I was on it and my love for music just grew and grew," Bobby recalls.

I will always remember singing to my Grandma

This continued right up until he was 21 when his sister gifted him full-on singing lessons. The hobby was taken to a serious level. "Well, to this day it is the best present I have ever received. My own singing lessons! Wow!" Bobby remembers it well. The night before his first singing lesson, coming from Autism Matters—a social group that meets at a restaurant—and he was speaking to a member of his support staff beaming with excitement to tell everyone all about it.


First day of his new singing lessons. "Thoughts were running around my head as I ran around getting ready and there." His brother was kind enough to drop him off. A familiar face greeted them and introductions were made. "I just looked around in awe. Guitars, pictures, the studio was big." Nervous as he prepared for a vocal warm-up, Bobby pulled himself together and asked the question that has lingered in his mind since he set foot at the studio.


"Are you Carl Pemmberton from Journey South by any chance?" When he replied "Yes," Bobby knew it was going to be the start of something magical.

Journey South placed third in X-Factor 2005. "I couldn't believe it and didn't believe this could be who was doing my singing lessons. Surely not." That was 4 years ago. Fast forward to now, Bobby is still dreaming big with the songwriting and has released 9 songs already. "I still sing on the Karaoke, it will always be my guilty pleasure and Carl still asks me to sing.. now and again!

I just looked around in awe.