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[noun]'s new music review segment

may 2021

This track is a reflection of the ups and downs of being in business


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by Becker

“NEIMAN MARCUS” is a track produced, written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Becker, in his Maryland-based recording studio in the United States. Becker is an entrepreneur. This track is a reflection of the ups and downs of being in business, “I ran the racks up I’ll run ‘em again” a key statement on the chorus about bouncing back from losses and coming back stronger. Other elements of the lyrics of this track include betrayal from former associates and braggadocio.

The song starts with 10 seconds of an eerie ensemble of synths and high-octave pianos reminiscent of a Migos 'Straighten' flow running across the entire song. Vocal execution is slightly lackluster but can go toe to toe with trap music's pinnacle artists. The lengthy outro may be overkill. Cutting it down to about 3-4 seconds shorter would give the song a stronger replay value. Overall, the song has a strong message and sits well with today's trap virtusos. We give this song 4 mic drops out of 5!
mic drop