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Music Instructor/Violinist Olena Kolibaba is turning the tides around as she launches her music career. Although her heart to empower the next generation of musicians is second to none, this bright melody behind a song is set to not only etch but carve her way to stardom. A star in her own right, Olena speaks with musivv about life, love, and music.

Looking back, what do you think is your 'Eureka' moment? That moment when you said "This is it, I'm all-in. I'm doing music or nothing at all

My parents brought me to music school by the age of 6 and this is how my musical life began. At that point where I had to choose what am I going to do in my life as a career my connection with music was already too strong. So I guess my "Eureka" moment happened when I have chosen a music academy as a high school degree 💁‍♀️.

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What separates you from the rest? What is your distinct style?

I think the key to uniqueness is always in the musician's personality and feelings, either performing or creating original music. Of course, skills are really important as well, but mainly everyone is different in a way of feeling his own art. What I am loving in music the most is that unrepeatable experience when you own the power of wordless connection with the audience, when you catch people's eyes and ears that follow your heart, those moments are the best. To tell stories remaining wordless, to connect souls.

you own the power of wordless connection

Your latest single Can't Hide, what's the song story? Was it lyrics or melody first? What inspired the song? Any person in particular?

'Can't Hide' is an instrumental track. I created this track at that period when I felt so much unreleased creative potential energy that remained hidden for a long time. I guess many people have this too and often we find excuses, sometimes we just don't even know it exists! So with that track, I want everyone to feel all of those inner intentions. Be yourself and be free in doing what you love!

If you will be granted one superpower, what would it be? Why?

If I could choose a superpower, I guess I will choose the ability to make wishes come true much faster than they usually do. Or well, would be cool to be able to fly 😅


Keep smiling

Biggest celebrity crush

Don't think I have a celebrity crush.

What message would you like to leave our readers and followers, and aspiring singers/artists?

Well, I would like to wish aspiring artists, musicians, and all the people to never forget who they really are and to be always grateful. The world nowadays needs more real people in art, against all the common trends. I believe the key to success and happiness is in being the best version of yourself.

Keep working, smiling, improving unperfections, and never forget to enjoy life, because we've got only one on this planet. Cheers!ender