Palestinian drummer, pianist, and founder of Joscene Events Muhammad Jaber has been a fan of music since he was a little kid and that same love grew over the years, he found himself compelled to pursue music as a profession. Stemming out of his passion for music is his more than a decade of experience in the events industry, he had the opportunity to work with many international bands from around the globe. musivv BACKSTAGE is honored to have interviewed him.

How are you? Please tell us about your newest venture. How did it come about? What are the goals? Describe how vital your role is in the music ecosystem.

I’m good thank you. Hope the same with you. Started doing live events in Jordan until I decided to take it to the next level by creating a business name under 'Joscene' for events and then I took another step forward where I moved to Dubai to expand more and happy to say that I have accomplished many

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successful events where I have worked with many big artists in the Rock/Metal world and my goal is to take the name of Joscene to become a worldwide name in the music & events industry.

UAE is a great country

How do you see the music industry in the UAE in the next 5 years?

UAE is a great country where it allows all the fields to expand and I see the music industry getting bigger and bigger each year where it will keep growing and I believe it will become one of the most important spots in the world for artists to aim to perform in because of its uniqueness and vibe.

What do you look for in promoting an artist/event?

We mainly focus on their fanbase is in the region and their music. Their fanbase decides many things such as the location, venue, and many other aspects.

How fulfilling is it doing what you do? What makes you pause and say, “I’m doing something great.”?

It’s the most beautiful thing that anybody can do. The idea of being able to not only see big artists play live but also to be the one behind it gives you the best memories especially when you bring an artist that you used to listen to when you used to be a teenager. That I wouldn’t change for anything in this world.

Don't Give Up

Were there moments when you felt like giving up? What made you keep going?

I had moments where I felt like giving up like anybody else who’s trying to build something but what kept me going is that for me, giving up is never an option. I believe that same as good times don’t last, bad times don’t too and this idea keeps me going no matter what obstacles I face.


Anyone you look up to that is outside of the music space?

Definitely my father. He taught me how to never give up and to always fight for what I love.

He taught me how to never give up

Any advice you can give to aspiring artists, promoters, musicians?

"What if?" is a very painful question that will haunt you forever if you give up. Change it to "What’s next?" and see your world [slowly] changing.

Thank you for the opportunity and for your time in doing this to support the local talents and businesses in this region. Your work is highly appreciated.