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Imagine a Lamborghini without body paint — or a chassis to begin with. Sure it can run 0-100 in less than 3 seconds. But how would it fair in terms of aesthtics? Think about the essentials without the essential parts. Like the dreaded Lambo, the music industry will not be an industry apart from the stars behind the superstars that keep it going — or appealing depending on one's perspective.

Experienced marketing professional Keisha is one of those stars behind the superstars. She works with recording artist NOURI and does all her press activities. She came on board for NOURI's first single ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ in November 2018 and have been working with her ever since. Keisha is also the PR manager at Preme magazine which focuses on highlighting all the creatives in the music industry.

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musivv reached out to Keisha to get to know her more.

What led you to work in the music industry?

I grew up with my siblings listening and dancing to music. My family always had a strong passion for music. It was always a matter of how do we get there? We soon realised that we could do it ourselves and learned everything we needed to. My older sister Jennifer was a strong influence and always made sure we were the hardest working people in the room, and we stayed persistent and driven at all times. Talent without hard work can only take you so far.

My family always had a strong passion for music

What’s it like working with Nouri? How did that happen?

In 2018, NOURI decided to release her first single independently and needed a Marketing and PR person on her team. At the time, I had no previous experience in the music industry so I really jumped in the deep end, but I did a ton of research. It worked out in the end, with her first single ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ charting number 1 in over eight countries, surpassing Ariana’s Grande ‘thank u, next’ and receiving over 5m+ streams across all streaming platforms.

Working with NOURI is fun and straightforward. We know what we want and what the end goal looks like, so we work hard each day to make sure it comes to life.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned about handling artists?

That while it’s important for collaboration, it’s always important to let the artist be in control of the creative process because they’re essentially their own brand.


What did you learn about yourself during this global pandemic?

The pandemic allowed me to become more innovative and creative because I was somewhat limited and restricted with what I could do. It allowed me to open my mind to new ways of working, while still achieving the same level of success.

Who are your top influencers in music?

My older sister Jennifer is a big one. I always go to her for advice regarding business in the music industry. She has a similar entrepreneurial mindset and will be direct with me and tell me how it is.

Larry Jackson is another influence. He invited Nouri, me and Jennifer for a meeting to introduce ourselves and to talk about what we were hoping to achieve in the music industry. At the time, Nouri had no music out, so to secure a meeting with such an influential figure in the music industry was crazy. Being able to sit down with someone you look up to was very fulfilling and I got to learn a lot.

Nouri is another influence. I am with her every day and I see how hard she works, and how many people she has to deal with on a daily basis and I never hear any complaints. She just gets the job done!ender