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He loves writing and networking. The connections he make with fellow like-minded beings give him a reason to get up in the morning and grind. His entrepreneurial journey has by far been the one thing that makes him feel alive. Multi-faceted and multi-talented in his own right, math professor, rapper, author — the list goes on — Berto spends his days zeroing in on the main goal: shift culture.

Within the music entrepreneurial space, self-proclaimed culture-shifter Berto Brown understands matters from an artist's microscope. "My goal is to shift culture through social entrepreneurship." And he has done so on the onset. "That’s why I call myself a culture-shifter. I’m an artists' advocate but I [completely] understand that the music business is a business so I try to find a lane where all parties can win." Amplifying the culture-shifter title combines all of his other facets of professions in one.

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His natural gravitation towards connecting with artists helped him analyze "issues that musicians face" and jumps in from a perspective of helping. "There are not too many distribution companies," he implies. Enter AudioSwim. Being a Dubai-based company, Berto solves the 30-percent-tax riddle implemented by US-based counterparts. "However, our main focus is on royalty investment. So the focus is part equity crowdfunding for artists and part investment for fans," says Berto. Along with distribution to all of the major DSP’s, the goal is to put money in the pockets of musicians while helping to increase their true fan base, and the potential for fans of artists or bands to get an equity stake in some of their favorite songs.

Our main focus is on royalty investment

It’s important to note that AudioSwim is a boutique distribution company. And with that came challenges. "I will go the extra mile for all of the artists I deal with," he explains. This unique approach sets him apart from the big guns. Adding value to artists is top-of-the-list. "We are also shooting for some playlisting opportunities."

While local artists are still going for other distribution platforms, Berto has managed his expectations and takes things level-headed. "I don’t expect overnight success with AudioSwim, so I try to operate on a show and prove method." Once artists hear about his work they will have a clearer understanding of the importance of having a distributor they can authentic access to — a phone call away. AudioSwim is fairly new in the market but they're working on a campaign that will put the company on the map. "We are in it for the long term and our goal is to put money in the artists' pockets. So in due time," he concludes.

When things started to get cozy, the unavoidable topic pops up like a jack-in-a-box. "On a personal note, it’s just tough being away from family," Berto says about the whole Covid situation. It has made him realize that as much as he enjoys connecting with people, his introversion lets him adapt. He loves the idea of self-healing and adamantium skeleton like his favorite superhero Wolverine — to fend off Covid perhaps?


Being around big names, Berto finds it extraordinary but ultimately believes people are people no matter what. "I look at everyone I encounter and find out what can I do to be of service. He's in it not for the financial gain, an exemplary trait that's rare nowadays.

I have no problem walking up to anyone

"I realize when you’re doing something you love, it’s not 'work-work,' it’s 'fun-work.' So that always keeps me grounded because I’m constantly trying to push people to grow. And I’m really good at brainstorming and creative strategy for people. I have no problem walking up to anyone and telling them how I can add value. If it doesn’t work the first round, they usually double back. But I’m super approachable and I genuinely want to spread positive energy and see everyone win.ender