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The man behind Pharell's 'G.I.R.L.,' Sean Paul's Touch The Sky,' T-Pain's 'General,' Timbaland's 'All About The Money' and the list goes on. Beau Vallis is on the right track (no pun intended) when it comes to producing the right kind of mix for his A-list clientele.

But what keeps him doing what he does? musivv reached out to see how life is amidst the global pandemic. Not to mention the arrival of his bundle of joy.

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From the last time we did an interview, you were just a newly-wed. A year after, you have a bundle of joy with you now. Tell us about how life-changing that is.

Life has gotten incredible. There is now another person that I must provide for, and that gives me a bunch of motivation. I have learned how to deal with the change in schedule, and luckily I have my amazing wife/superwoman to pick up the slack!

and that gives me a bunch of motivation

How has the current pandemic changed you as a person?

The pandemic has not changed me as a person. But it has changed my lifestyle. I stay at home a heck of a lot more, just to be cautious for my daughter mostly. I have moved a majority of my studio into my home, and it has enabled me to work a lot more, and not commute as much!

When live hands you lemons, you make lemonade!

Don't Stress!


Unfortunately in times like these, no matter what profession or where you are in the world, it’s a case of the modern adage “the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.” If you were not at the top of your game before the pandemic, you, of course, will be forced to change the way you work, and if you are unable to adapt, a lot of your progress will be lost at a snap of the finger. Songwriters and producers are forced to do recording

I’m just a mouse-click away

sessions over Zoom, while the “Top Dogs” are isolating, financially stable, and enjoying the time off. With $$ at hand, I’m sure they are even making smarter investments out of most of the world’s misfortune. I myself, thankfully, find myself in the middle which is rare for this business. I made the leap to online mixing in 2015 and have built a brand for this market. With musicians stuck at home, with nothing to do but work on their craft, I’m just a mouse-click away from anyone in the world.