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[noun]'s new music review segment

april 2021

On my journey of inner child healing, a journey I opted to take to understand why I have so much suppressed anger inside of me, I had to face some childhood demons. In the process, I wrote 'Brave Little Girl' to my younger self to let her know that I truly empathize with her and that she is seen, heard and most importantly loved.


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Little Girl

by As Per Casper

The song has a very powerful message that needs to be heard or addressed more in our society. The perils young children go through that affect them for life. As Per Casper has encapsulated this in a song very exceptionally well. The message hits hard. Kudos! In terms of song structure, 10 seconds of quiet as an intro is a great way to start the song going straight to the verse. You can almost feel the plea and emotion in the vocal rendition. Delicately placed piano notes compliment the strumming. "So small in a world where giants surround" and "Weep for the little girl you never heard cry" are very powerful paradoxes. Stellar lyrical composition! Production is stellar. What stood out is that you can almost hear a subtle grim and haunting bassy vocal mixed with the lead vocals as the bass and drums came in and the song intensifies at 0:42. Very well chosen drum tones created an orchestral vibe. The abrupt ending is a cliffhanger! An excellent way to end the song, giving the listener a sense of anticipation for more.We give this song 5/5 mic drops!
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