Privileged is an understatement to describe how working with this glam-fam is — professionalism from start to finish.

Their impeccable knowledge of sartorial elegance and model selection precedes their delivery. Our effort to recreate Madonna's iconic '80s poster exceeded expectations beyond reckoning. Have a read about our interview with Niche Modelling Agency, our collab feature of the month.

why niche?

Niche is the French word for "selected." Niche because it's our calling to be different and to select the right people for our projects.

who's the diva in the team?

Nobody! We're not divas; we're niche models (wink wink).

who's the serious type?

Everyone has their serious moments.

what's the most extravagant gig so far?

Handling the full-production and e-commerce for Riva, [that's one].

Also, our exclusive international model, Roza, for Samsung Galaxy MENA's latest campaign. The campaign was highly publicized online and made its way onto a massive billboard on Sheikh Zayed Road.


Team Motto:
Enjoy the journey
and never give up!

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what's the dream gig?

To be the first all-Filipino team to organize a fashion show at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, featuring the work of a top-notch Filipino fashion designer.

all-time favorite fashion designer
We believe all fashion designers make a unique and vital contribution to the world of apparel, but if we're picky, we can't resist giving Chanel, D&G, and Versace a shout out.

what message would you tell up and coming models?

You need to be passionate about the art of modelling. Research and seek good references online. A positive attitude and charismatic personality will bring you success in the world of modelling.
However, becoming a model today is more than just posing and having a pretty face. Because of social media, models now have a vast platform to become significant influencers - which can inspire the younger generation to embrace their potential and abilities.

You have to be smart and treat this business carefully, yet never lose that optimistic attitude. Enjoy the journey!

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the team

Glitzy Robles
CEO and Founder. A committed and detail-oriented professional, Glitzy is an out of the box thinker, with over 20 years of experience with reputed organizations. Glitzy is a strong team leader, and her experience in the corporate world gives her the ability to adapt to various situations and perform efficiently under pressure.

Ingrid Aureada
COO and Co-founder. Ingrid is a dynamic and energetic professional who has been associated with the fashion industry for the past 12 years. She possesses strong communication skills and is closely involved with the company's day-to-day operations.

Cryzann Gomes
Assistant Model Booker. Cryzann manages the daily model schedule for casting and is involved in the booking of NEIM (Niche Exclusive International Models). She is also engaged in marketing and updating our clients and reaching out to potential clients. She also works as an assistant producer and wardrobe stylist for full production jobs.

Sean Conte
Assistant Model Booker. Sean manages the daily model schedule for casting and booking of NEIM. He is intensively involved in marketing, updating our current clients, and reaching out to potential clients. He works as an assistant producer for full-time production jobs.

Mika Dayao
Admin and Social Media Manager. Mika is responsible for overall internal operations, is involved in coordinating events, and handling Niche's social media pages.

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