the lasting sexagenarian carny: madonna

Permed hair, big phones, power suits, Rubik's cubes, and shoulder pads dominated the 1980s; more significantly by the emergence of dance music.

Disco antiquated in the decade's early years, evoking the golden era of rock and pop. The 80s overlooked a considerable increase in the use of digital recordings, synthesizers, and electronic genres featuring progressive instruments. MTV's beaming music 24/7, hardwired pop artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna in a fan's mind.


She rendezvoused with Maripol, entailing Madonna's signature look of thick eyebrows, dark eyeliner, lace tops, fishnet stockings, skirt over capri pants, black rubber bracelets, excessive jewelry, messy bleach blonde hair, and crucifixes.

Her popularity continued globally with the release of her second studio album in 1984, 'Like a Virgin' selling 21 million copies worldwide. Amongst the hooting and howling audience, conservative organizations backlashed for hurting their religious sentiments. In 1986, five singles from her third album 'True Blue' became a success in the US and UK, featured in Guinness World Records (1992) as the best selling album by a woman of all times.

After one of her captivating performances, and interviewer inquired about her long term goal, to which she casually reported, "To rule the world." Later her risquié image, pleasure celebrating music and eccentric music videos cemented her identity as the unrivaled queen of pop. To this day, the succeeding female pop luminaries such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, The Spice Girls, Destiny's Child, Jennifer Lopez, and Pink are considered 'Madonna's daughters' in a direct sense as they grew up listening to, admiring her and aspired to be like her. Some editors even claim the denial to view Madonna as an influence to be a lie or ignorance of music history.

Madonna's ideas and propaganda were way ahead of her time. She suggested that videos were a great tool to reach masses who were unable to see her live performance, revolutionizing the industry. Before her, concert tours were visually prosaic. She created the modern concert landscape, by theatrical acts comprising of multiple costumes, set changes, revolutionary lights, and ambitious dance routines with her first tour in 1985.

She diversified with multicultural collaborators and broke social barriers by producing work that consistently featured marginalized groups like African-Americans and Latino, gay and lesbian characters in her video from as early as 1986. She used her album 'Like a Prayer' to campaign awareness for HIV/AIDS and performed benefit concerts.

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Madonna's music career has been scrutinized by critics, referring to her natural talent

as a vocalist, musician, dancer, songwriter or actress, as modest and accrediting her success to strings of her relationships with talented individuals. Nevertheless, Madonna exclaims, "I'm my own experiment; I'm my own work of art!"

She incessantly reinvented her music and image, as a constant quest for fame, pushing the boundaries of perception and lyrics; unlike the music industry's mantra of 'finding one winning formula and sticking with it.'

In her recent speech at the Billboard Women in Music event (2016), she said that "In the world of music, to age is a sin." "People say I'm controversial," she added fighting back ageism "But the most controversial thing that I have done is to stick around."


Mark Bego, the biographer contemplates, "She would rather see herself burn out at the top than ever diminish in power or fame!"

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