kareem nour is an egyptian international professional photographer who runs his own photography studio.

A graduate from The Arab Academy for Science & Technology in Egypt, he is the first Arabian photographer that has been awarded by FTV Paris for FTV Photographer Program. Kareem is also the first professional photographer in the Middle East to create 3D Photography Production.

For more than a decade, Kareem did several fashion editorials and key campaigns for international brands. He also has more than 500 covers for the most prominent magazines & publications around the world under his belt. Artists, the likes of Balqees, Assala Nasri, Haifa Whebe and Shakira, to name a few, were beautifully captured by his lens.

musivv had the opportunity to correspond with Kareem about his work, his idol Amr Diab and life in general.

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did you study photography, or did it start out as a hobby?

No, I didn't [study photography]. I read about it [from books] and am self-taught (trial and error method). I didn't enter the professional field though until I believed that I was capable of producing a competitive quality photograph. I graduated from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology as a Communication Engineer in Alexandria.

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kareem nour asala kareem nour sherihan

Then when I decided to start as a professional photographer, I had to move to Cairo to start my career. I started doing fashion photography and did my first album cover for Asala Nasri. Then things started to move forward.

what do you think is the biggest challenge in photography nowadays?

I feel the biggest challenge is how to be different and make people feel that they are special and unique. I've always kept this in mind as I constantly try to improve myself.

most memorable moment?

Oh, that would be when I photographed Sherihan, an Arab icon!
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kareem nour amr diab

It was, indeed, a big moment for me as he is my favorite singer...

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how did the
amr diab gig happen?

I reached out to his friend Hamada Esmail and presented my work. A few days later, I got a call from his (Amir Diab's) management to meet up, and the journey began. The rest was history as they say. It was, indeed, a big moment for me as he is my favorite singer and someone I really look up to, and I grew up listening to his songs. My favourite? A lot! Like I said, he is my favorite artist. Maybe 'Tamally Ma'ak' (Always With You) would be at the top of my list.

how is it like working with shakira?

It was a pleasure to work with Shakira, but the photo shoot didn't take long, as she had to perform in a concert with Amr Diab in Abu Dhabi, Yas Arena. I love her song "Whenever, wherever." (giggles)

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what do you think of social media in terms of broadening the spectrum of photographers? anyone can be a "photographer" in this day and age.

Actually, it helps everyone. Photos get exposure (no pun intended) quickly nowadays. However, people can tell and judge which ones are novice, which ones are professional. It's still challenging to be unique with your art.

where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I think I'd still be in photography, but I intend to work on my skills more — to improve more. I don't like shifting careers whether to directing or something else [as others suggested].

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kareem nour haifa

what's your philosophy in photography?

I love to capture feelings and tell a story through my images and give each photo a soul.

I think and muse a lot over a cup of coffee — editing, communication, and gym is like a part of my daily routine.

Dealing with each photo is like creating a piece of art and giving it life.

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