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Hello musivvers!
I am Jay Carpio.
Welcome to my jam.

I was born in Manila, raised in Dubai. Ever since I was a kid, I've always had a passion for music, from singing to dancing to playing different kinds of instruments.

verse one
Music has made a [significant] positive influence in my life, most importantly connecting with people. Music breaks every barrier there is. It connects and unites people regardless of background. Music also influenced me to think creatively.

It was 2014 when a good friend of mine from church who was a DJ invited me to his house and taught me the basics of playing [the turn table]. I never thought that mixing two songs could be so satisfying in the ears. I fell in love right off the bat. As they say, the rest is history.

I could say from the moment I wake up; music would be my breakfast. I would play a tune to get me in the mood & start my day. Most of the time, I would get up from bed, pick up an instrument, and start playing for an hour. [During] my free time, I get the opportunity to read articles, books related to music, bios, etc. Then, when I hit the gym, my motivation jam is right in the queue. In the evenings, my music gets a bit louder. On weekends, I watch and explore other music genres, like watching concerts, music festivals, listen to Beethoven and [mainly] be inspired.

indie now | a funky mix of beats and glam 89

indie mix

verse two

Blunder? Oh, yeah! There was this one time in particular. I considered it a major gig where I had to perform — the crowd was hyped! Man, my excitement and emotions got the best of me! I got out of focus playing the deck that I accidentally hit the wrong button, and the music stopped.

The whole crowd went silent, and I was shocked. I played it cool, throwing a peace sign and played the music again.

bass drop

Music nowadays? It's hard to say, I've explored various music genres, and I still do, and it's always been an enjoyable experience. The evolution of music is so dynamic that each era has its unique music style to learn from.


I look up to a lot of music artist. For DJ artists it would have to be Laidback Luke, Gregor Salto, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano.


I would say to all aspiring DJs, never give up on practicing. Have fun while doing it. If and when given an opportunity to perform, play as if playing for a master.



Life is exciting; having married an influencer/fashionista spouse. She gets quite a lot of invitations for fashion events, and it [allows] me to meet new people and make new friends.

My wardrobe has been extended as her sponsorship from different clothing brands allows me to use their men's clothing line.

More than that, what is impressive is to see her become a role model for young women by setting an excellent example through her vlogs and social media content.


Follow me on Instagram @im_that_dude


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