he started
playing at the
age of 3, vividly
recollecting his
first instrument
to be a toy
keyboard from a
small town store

In the wake of learning each instrument, was a comic story.

He recalls one such tale of buying a flute from his limited pocket money during school times. Hiding the

maestro | peter gladson: the canarous symphony

wind instrument from his parents and practicing in their hushed bathroom was a confession revealed later on.

He exclaims on having devised a way of learning and listening through and from the air creating its notes, by pressing one of the flute’s holes close to his ear; consequently creating minimal sound.

Gladson can now can play over 40 instruments, his favorite being the ukulele.

From aspiring to be an ordinary musician, 3 years ago; to becoming the ‘One Man Band’, looking back, he sees how God has connected the dots. Gladson is strongly convinced that a human can do

a lot of things on his own, but when he gives the life’s chords to the Almighty, he turns it to a piece of music. He cherishes his time with God gaining strength from Him, reading the Bible, and gaining wisdom from his father.

Versatile skills and his passion for making music is a melody that conveys, ‘never give up’. He had no presumptions that having smoking associates, would lead him to a long struggle with illness (pleural effusion) in his late teens.

maestro | peter gladson: the canarous symphony

this compelled him
to spread awareness
about the disastrous
effects of tobacco
consumption, through
the lasting impact of his
synchronous beats

Started out as a street musician busking with the NSPA (Natural Streets for Performing Arts) team at Carter Road, Bandra and is nostalgic about it. As a child, he got inspired by watching the choirs play in church. He acknowledges fanboying the ‘!Audacious’ worship team on God TV.

have never
worked for me
as it sets a bar
of expectations

His newest inspirations are Jake Shimbakuro, James Hill and Feng E. The flavor of success has left him with an after taste of humility. He believes in building people as he grows and aiding individuals going through similar illness as him. He is an appreciator and responds to crisis, positively.

maestro | peter gladson: the canarous symphony

on having fun

This simple Mumbaikar loves curd rice with mango pickle. He doesn’t mind using public transport, until he faced a bummer in the crowded local trains, breaking his ukulele right before his performance. Bikes have always been his main mode of commutes.

Thinking out of the box and
being an enthusiast, he
admits of not rehearsing
the songs with the original
version, as he prefers
jamming with his team and
getting the vibe of the song
rather than getting into the
intricacies of its tunes.

He also reveals that 80% of his performances being impromptu. He says, “Planned performances have never worked for me as it sets a bar of expectations”.

He adds that he practices the chords and the backgrounds, mapping the performance in his head and imbibing it as muscle memory, fashioning a personal touch and individuality to the song. He rates his younger brothers as his best critics and relies on his parents for sound advice.

When quizzed about
his least favorite part of
the whole process, he
sheepishly says it would be
‘packing up’,

yet he does it to prevent the consternation of not finding the desired things on time.

the ultimate goal?
to play an unbeatable
number of instruments
at a time and making
india proud.


maestro | peter gladson: the canarous symphony

The flavor of
success has left
Gladson with
an after taste of

maestro | peter gladson: the canarous symphony