Madonna, Prince, Run DMC, Boy George, Pink, Micheal Jackson, and other hit makers of the 80’s pushed the boundary of music, style and pop culture to a new dimension that has changed the way we see fashion today.

Taylor Dane whose “Tell It To My Heart,” turned her into an overnight international star in 1987 once said:

Style is something
you carry, fashion is
something you wear.

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was it the case decades ago?

The times of smorgasbord 60’s was a period of upheaval in the society that impacted fashion, people’s behavior and specially music.

From its diverse musical genre that was affected by current events, the styling trend varied from A-line minis, contrasting collar, shifting dress, mod-style and swing coats to name a few. British invasion in the musical scene also played a big role in men’s style just like how K-pop does nowadays.

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straight from london, who can deny the
popularity of tailored
fashion and cravats
matched with mop-top
hair style?

Those times then transitioned fashion to the colorful era of the 70’s. With punk rock thriving throughout the mid 70’s with its sub-genres like glam rock, progressive, art rock and heavy metal gained success in the Western scene.

Leather pants with heavily-beaded
jackets to wet look
became the scene on

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however, this
gave birth to
disco fever! the
biggest if not the
hippest genre of
this decade.

Country, smooth jazz and
soul remained popular.
To this era we owe our
retro-flared, printed
and stylish wardrobe in
keeping with our clogs.
Oversized glasses, tower
tall teased hairstyle and
the unforgettable afro.

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Liberation and advancement in technology boomed, and from it emerged the new wave babies and pop lovers. The introduction of Music Television (MTV) changed how music created demands and popularity among the artists of 80’s. It has become the new cat walk for artists to showcase their music along with their individual persona which made fans go gaga. According to Denim:

“It was very common
to see women of the
80s wearing tighter
clothing, bright
colored outfits,
jackets, leg warmers,
shorts and pouffy

Jackson, the AC/DC, and several old boys of the game picked up the pace wearing long hair, leather pants, headbands, torn jeans, and studded belts. Top performers were adored not only because of their top charting music but also due to their fashion statement.

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They challenged
the conventional
style of dressing up
to exude a rather
approach to inspire
a wider audience.

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who would forget the
trend setter of the 80’s
who holds the title for
bringing to life literally
a “material girl” –

Even statistics showed that Madonna’s influence in fashion indeed created a new wave of style through the music she delivered encompassing all genres.

She was the idol of every teenage girl and they all wanted to look just like her, speak like her and be like her. The evolution of her clothing style covers the range of sophistication from Aubrey Hepburn-inspired Little Black Dress which today’s Millennials address as LBD, to printed and polka dots disco look, neon fitness get up, to metallic rust men looking curation.

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It will be quite factual to say that the term ‘sex sells’ in regards to fashion could be traced to her time. In her own statement, Madonna told an audience of music industry peer in 2016:

“People say I am controversial, But I think the most controversial thing I have done is to stick around.”

The pop music and fashion world of today have thrived through the recycled ideas of the 80’s. There are many dance clubs dedicated to celebrating the pop culture of the new wave times and the changes it brought to us.

Music and fashion of the 80’s were both nostalgic in nature; it captures culture and communicates individuality.

I think
the most
thing I have
done is to
stick around.

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The influence of Madonna in the 1980’s is very evident. In our pilot issue, we want to highlight this trend that has transcended not only music but pop-culture as well. Our attempt at re-creating the iconic 80’s Madonna photo shoot has been successful in our own right. Credits to the following talented individuals who whole-heartedly dedicated their time, skills and talents.

Producer: Sean Kaiser of Niche Modelling Agency
Photography: Mark Ganzon
Stylists: John Klint Javier Vasquez & Daniela Vanegas
Make-Up Artists: Jrj Visages & Ace Sagario
Special Thanks To: Niche Modelling Agency and El Barrio Restaurant & Bar

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