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Aimee Ann Preston, born in 1988, was only 19 when she took her musical performance degree.

She moved to NYC, and began her personal assistant career working for the Trump organization and later for Victoria Beckham.

She had also worked for Marla Maples and Christina Aguilera but started popping up in the media when she and Steven Tyler, her boss and nearly 40 years her senior, were shown together at his home in Maui two years after she started working as his personal assistant in 2012.

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In 2016, their relationship was out front and center as they walked hand-in-hand into Elton John's annual Oscar viewing party. In fact, they have continued their relationship publicly since then in photos of Clooney-level vacations, token sidewalk paparazzi shots, red carpet events, and have become quite an Instagram official (which is the litmus test for any real couple, obviously).

Celebrities might have big egos, but their levels of confidence are often wafer-thin

Fans of Steven are obviously happy for him, of course. The man is nearly 70, has a girlfriend younger than most of his children, and is still wearing bell-bottoms like a boss. But could this turn into a Yoko Ono situation? Could his sobriety be in question? What is their working relationship like now that she's been, um, upgraded?

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The list of celebrities who have dated their employees is a long one. Think Brittany Spears, J Lo, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Rowland, Nicki Minaj, and Usher, just to name a few.

When you consider the time demands of a celebrity's life, it makes sense that the people who spend the most time with them on the road (a personal assistant or back up dancer, for example) would eventually cross over into a romantic relationship. The employee uniquely understands the stressors and nuanced issues that can come from that life while empathizing, comforting, and being there as emotional support.

From Daily Star:

"TV behavior expert Judi James, says: 'Celebs date their staff because it's easy. These people are paid to spend their lives revolving around the stars. Their job is to listen, empathize and flatter. The role can make them irresistible to any ego-fuelled or narcissistic celeb whose self-obsessive career might make it hard for them to find friends or lovers in the real world.

Celebrities might have big egos, but their levels of confidence are often wafer-thin.

'Many [people] struggle to build trust with a new partner, who might just be there to further their own career or spill the beans to the press if the relationship ends painfully in a way that paid staff might not do. 'Normal spouses might seem demanding in terms of time and commitment, but the team is there when the star is there, hanging on their every word and often paid to keep them happy.

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'Having someone on hand who not only 'gets' them, understanding their moods and boosting them up when necessary can feel like a life-saver, and it can be a small step between relying on someone and falling in love with them."

Despite their romantic relationship, it seems that Aimee is still doing the job that got her hired in the first place: getting sh*t done. People close to them have stated that when they are at work, they are at work.

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