When A-List singer Neha Pandey steps on stage or goes before the flashbulbs, her picturesque maquillage is the work of Abeeha Mamoon, a celebrity make-up artist who believes that 'hard work pays off' and speaks of ‘what's meant to be, will be’. She shares her life's highlights and shadows with musivv.


Hard work is her middle name. The idea that overnight success is like a walk in the park remains to be proven. Abeeha's journey spells e-f-f-o-r-t. Recalling 12-hour shoots and countless days of standing a 22-hour makeup session, she smiles and finds all the grind inspiringly enjoyable. "So yes, my journey has been tough but delightful," the makeup virtuoso notes.

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"First of all it's my passion," she affirmed. It's not so often one gets to do what she's done and continue to do - the love for makeup. "[I] started doing makeup with my cousins, friends, myself." Clueless to the stellar idea that she could be an accomplished makeup artist, the constant nudge from an encouraging sister "pushed her to learn, get certification in makeup from one of the top schools in Dubai." This was when she understood "yes this is what I want to do in life."  

"You know, you don't know what you yourself are capable of. But people, especially the close ones, see your abilities. My sister was that person." she brags. One dinner-table moment changed the course of her life when her sister brought up the idea.

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Family is one aspect of her life she gets excited about with all the unwavering support they've shown day in and day out. Her husband is "extremely supportive" about her passion from the get-go. She turns to her mother for inspiration. "I actually don't have any [famous] makeup artist that I would consider someone I look up to."

Without her family's support, she "wouldn't have achieved" what she has accomplished.

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Exceptional artistry attracts an exceptional canvass. That was the case with her Neha engagement. "I did not know who the celebrity was. [It was] only when I reached the location that I found out it was Neha Pandey," she recalls. "She's a very nice person." When something is meant to happen, it will happen. Abeeha believes it was destiny - written in the stars.

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Thankful for all the positive experiences, Abeeha recalls of no major challenge (knocks on wood) in her pursuit of excellence. "I would consider time management a daily challenge being a mom of two," she said. "Working with difficult clients" is at the top of her list.

"There were instances where a client asked me (while discussing payments) 'What do you need to do? Why are you charging this much?'" Before it made her upset. Now it's something she can look back and have a laugh at.

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Abeeha had her fair share of bad experiences that in time, have kept her grounded, a virtue in its rarity. "Do not endorse your client to someone ungrateful." A lesson she learned from and kept in mind to this day.

With all the accolades and recognition, every time she sees her work published and people express their appreciation, it gives her a different sense of elation, "I don't think I'll ever get used to it," she remarked.

I love painting and art. It takes me away from reality into my world of colors and fairy tales.

In time you'll learn the ability to stay grounded, I have, everybody does.

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