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april 2021

My biggest dream is to be a successful singer-songwriter and have people connect with my songs." This is not far-fetched considering her current work ethic and fun flow. annissamuradmusic is off to a great start.



If school and music were siblings, their rivalry would exceed the limitations of uncultivated languages of expressions comfortable and confusing a behemoth of emotions. A twisted yin yang of some sort. 13-year old Annissa Murad, an Instagram singer-songwriter, juggles the two with relieving ease and bliss — noteworthy of a sidenote as glaring as a noon-day sun. Music provided an expressive outlet for her while studies give her a remedy of life's lasting lessons.

Annissa responds to the query on how music and school get along in her already colorful life with a pinch of modesty. "Well, I honestly don't know if I'm balancing it well. Let's say I did, I love having to-do lists." She recommends it as a way of organizing her day.

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She would seem like your regular teen girl enjoying the company of her cats Platinum and Titanium while making Instagram stories with her brother. Having written her first song while she was 11 takes a page out of her budding life out of the ordinary. While other 11-year old youngsters are oblivious to self-discovery, Annissa has already penned her first song 'Dream' about a young girl who fantasizes about the limelight. She quickly reveals the identity of the young lady. "Me!" Shortly after, she decided to start her singing lessons which she enjoys immensely. "Maybe if I'm going to start writing songs, it would be nice if I could sing them well."

it would be nice if I could sing them well

Annissa is currently on a journey of producing her songs. Right before the pandemic hit, she spent time in recording studios to craft her written material and hopes she release it soon. The sound of the music she wishes to put out is a mix of country music, pop and rock — an electric concoction of different styles that will linger in anyone's sonic taste buds. Imagine Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift collaborating on a youthful collision project. At this point, she might miss a thing or two details as she learns the grapple of excellence in her work. It's crossing the thin line between perfectionism and focus on the nitty-gritty.