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february 2021

Music! I'm already a model from the time when I was born!


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Roxette's '90s hit song "The Look" rings true for 27-year-old singer and model Anari. She can sing. And do it with style.

Her musical journey began when she was only 7 years young singing along famous songs while playing the piano. When asked about her nationality, the music teacher candidly replied, "I don't know what to answer. because I have the most beautiful mix in the world being Azerbaijani/Russian and Turkish (grins)."


Even after momentous experiences under her belt, including big-scale competitions and unforgettable TV show appearances, Anari continues to strive to be top-notch taking her vocal and piano coaching seriously. "I can work and at the same time do my hobby! Because my work — it's my hobby," she exclaims. She adds that whenever an opportunity to pose for the camera presents itself, she gladly takes it on.

Anari hopes to change one thing in the world. "I think I will make all treatment for [sick] children and cancer patients free-of-charge!"

Her view on whether moods affect what she wears, her response is an astounding "Yes, it's true!" "First, when people meet you, they will see your looks, and after [that] they will know you better by your talk or how you think. And even if you don't have a [good] mood you have to look amazing in front of everyone!" A perception she believes emphatically.

You have to look amazing


Anari's ability to turn a mishap into a magical moment never grows old. She has had performances where an entire sound system and microphones switch off exactly at the moment when she starts singing. "I don't lose my self, I just continue to sing without anything," she recalls. "People started singing with me!"

When multi-discipline artists are asked to choose only one, they tend to find this difficult to answer. Anari's reaction was quite the contrary. "Music! I was already a model from the time when I was born!"

"And I go la la la la la she's got the look" - Roxette