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september 2021

I have always loved music as it has always been a massive part of my life; from the day I could walk I was dancing and singing around the house.


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Coming Right At Ya!

While other 16-year-olds are dreaming of becoming a singing star, Alya decided to be different and step outside "the typical local girl" dancing her way to stardom writing her next hit after the sensational viral song 'HungUp.' The "nice and easy song to write" 'Where Were You' was released about 3 months ago and has already garnered more than half a million views on YouTube. Poised to outdo herself, the half Emirati, half British songstress shares in an exclusive interview the process behind the song she describes as more of her "groovy fun dancing flavor" style compared to the "more mature" vibe of 'Hang Up.' From the moment Alya laid her ears on a beat presented—and produced—by Tac, she knew it was a "sick" track she can pour her creativity over instantly. During the recording, Alya asked Tac to "hop on the track" and the rest was, as they say, history.


Hi Alya how are you? Thank you for this opportunity.

I'm great thank you. So excited !!

How has the pandemic affected or changed you as a person?

Even though many people took the pandemic in a very negative way I think it really made me realise what I wanted. During the lockdown, I had a lot of time on my hands so I spent my time singing and teaching myself piano. Honestly, music really helped me through this crazy time everyone is going through. At the end of lockdown that's when I really wanted to pursue my music career and that's when I started writing and recording my first single 'Hung Up.' So overall I think it had a positive impact on me and gave me the push to follow my dreams and start my music career professionally.

Would you consider yourself a perfectionist?

Yes and no. I feel like no one can be perfect and everyone has their flaws but I have a vision for myself and I know where I want to be and how I want things. It is important to make sure I put 150% effort into everything I do and improve each time. You have to work hard and try to be perfect if you want to be an international superstar.

I feel like no one can be perfect...but I have a vision for myself


You have the support of both your parents when you decided to pursue a music career let alone at a young age, tell us about that relationship.

My family all love music and my mum is a singer too. I’ve grown up watching her perform and always knew I wanted to do what she was doing. They are very proud of me and they will support me as long as I do my best. My. Mum is also my manager which I love because I know she will push me to my limits and will always have the best interest for me.


You're in a lift with Beyoncé, what would the conversation be like?

I would be completely start struck! Beyoncé has always been such an inspiration to me, she is incredible. I would probably tell her how amazing she is and say we should do a song together (laughs).

We heard you've worked on an Arabic material, how is it different from creating an English song? You being a TCK (third culture kid), does that affect your creative style or the message of your songs? Like how do you bridge two different cultures?

Yes, I have my song out called 'Coco Kisses,' it is a mix between Arabic and English on an afrobeat which I think is really cool and different. I think if I did a typical Arabic-style song it would be different from creating an English song but I like to put a modern twist into my Arabic music and that's what makes them different. I stick with the R&B/Pop style but use Arabic lyrics. Being TCK doesn’t affect my creativity when I write music whatever inspires me or I think will be a hit, I will go for I want to. Stay true to myself no matter what.

Stay true to myself no matter what

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