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Fashion is one of the most explicit signs of the times, and it says more about our society than we give it credit for. We can tell the contrast between the jeans hippies wore in 1969 versus the skin-tight threads worn by emo kids in 2005. Though fashion has historically been created to be utilitarian, a major transformation happened in the past 100 years or so — a revolution of sorts. Rather than worrying about one's fashion sense being deemed useful, people began to see fashion as linked with the current musical trends. This is not a random incident, either.

The reason why fashion and music became so inextricably connected is that music became a method of showing individuality, political beliefs, and ideas rather than just homogenized entertainment.

Singer-songwriter and ambassador for the Arab Fashion Council, Alina K embodies and epitomizes these closely-intertwined cultures. "For me fashion and music are inseparable! They have a special relationship for centuries! The way we dress speaks a thousand words about who we are!

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And music is the link that transports us into that world! After all, musicians always set a fashion trend and inspire designers and the fashion industry! Fashion was always part of me, it is an easy way to express my personality as an artist." This inspired Alina to create her jewelry brand 'Alina K Jewelry' which she takes pride in. "It is not a simple brand but also a vision to empower women by making them love, appreciate themselves, feel unique, and express their personalities," she adds.

a certified image consultant

Alina looks up to icons in both fashion and music. The list can be endless but her list names a few: Elie Saab, Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel, Valentino Garavani. In music Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, Sam Smith, Jessie J, Norah Jones tops her list. How about Madonna as a music and fashion icon? "Totally agree! I mean she was the Queen of pop in the '80s till the present, she was an icon who has set fashion trends and boosted the careers of many designers. She broke a lot of rules in music and fashion but succeeded in doing that!"

Talking about being chosen as an ambassador for the Arab Fashion Council, her face glimmers. "Choosing an artist like myself among many other successful powerful women as an ambassador in the Middle East is yet another way to empower women in the region. It is an amazing opportunity to inspire other women and help them achieve their goals and offer them a platform to showcase their work or talents and become the bridge that connects the East and the West with music and fashion. After all, I am not only an artist but also a certified image consultant, this was also an additional reason to have me on board!"

When asked about how her sense of style affects her mood, she says, "I say it is really subjective to each personality and how they perceive it or feel about it. I believe sometimes what we wear can affect our state of mind by lifting our spirit up or down. Some people hide their feelings by dressing up and looking their best and others show their sadness or feelings by dressing down! It is tricky and very deep I say! For me, music plays a bigger role in affecting my mood! It is my only therapy and the language to happiness." She echoes this sentiment of happiness through her latest single 'Only Love.'

Only Love Matters

"You know, this world needs lots of 'love.' Love in all its forms and shapes! Love is the key to everything in this life! That is why I would change the mindset of people, erase their ego, hatred, jealousy! I would let them see the good in everything, in every situation, make them focus on 'love,' faith, belief! Let them see that each one of them is unique in their own way," she concludes.


Strolling down memory lane, Alina recalls her most memorable moment when she sang the first time in public at the tender age of 13. The first time she released her first single and music video makes the top of her list!

As for her songwriting process, she said there is nothing quite specific. "Sometimes I just write subjects that I want to tackle or feelings that I would love to express. And sometimes while writing the lyrics the melodic lines come naturally and that is what happened with me while writing my single 'Would You?'

Sometimes I just write subjects that I want to tackle

She describes her sense of fashion as varied and wide. "My style can go from casual chic to romantic and edgy at the same time! I don’t necessarily follow trends. I always look for designs that are close to my personality, body type, and to have that little sparkle that screams uniqueness."

"Every era in fashion had something really special, something that we still hang on to or still feel we are influenced by in a way or another. But I can say the '60s and '80s were my absolute favorite eras!"