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april 2021

"If the music industry is a rocky road, make sure you make yourself a grass path."


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7 Hatha

Grass Path On A Rocky Road

"If the music industry is a rocky road, make sure you make yourself a grass path." This is the mantra 7 Hatha lives by. He started making his "grass path" when he was 16 years old using Fruity Loops 2. Initially, he created beats for himself, releasing mixtapes, and producing music for comrades who started the journey with him. In 2008, he started to venture professionally, producing projects for his band Freshmakers opening the doors for his talent to be known on a national level. In total the band released 3 mixtapes and 3 professional albums, working with the best names in the industry even from abroad. Around a year and a half ago 7 Hatha relocated to Dubai which has given him a broader approach to music: producing from hip-hop to RnB and trap. "Nowadays I want to believe that I'm making the best music of my life, feeling confident about my sound and totally dedicated to music."


Why music production?

The actual feeling of loving what I'm doing without feeling that I'm working at all. I could spend easily entire days making music until I start to feel that I need a break. But as an anecdote, many years ago, I was creating bass lines and melodies in my head, chopping up the songs that popped up in the radio or anywhere, so inevitably I felt drawn to music production although I started to write lyrics way before that which was cheaper (laughs).

What do you think about the music industry in Dubai?

I haven't had the chance to dig into it properly yet but I know some good names of talented and hard-working people who I'd like to work with in the future. Although platforms like yours Music are very much needed nowadays as I think the DXB industry needs a massive overall push with labels, marketing and definitely a signature sound and some top artists that makes any city special in terms of music. Like Detroit, Toronto, New York, you kinda know these cities have their own sound and their own artists who push the city up and elevate the musical level.

Melody or beat first?

Melody first hands down! My music is mainly sample-based, sampling old songs or composing and creating my own samples myself, adding textures and layering different elements. When I'm finished creating the sample I chop it up and it looks nothing like the original 90% of the time, sometimes I even remove the sample and keep everything else. Then I add the drums and finally the bass line, which is definitely my favorite part of the process. It's all about feeling that everything is coming into place, piece by piece until it's finished.

You seem like a sporty person. How do you balance music and sports?

Jiujitsu develops confidence and helps staying fit physically and mentally, it also helped me with life in general as it’s exactly the same, same situations, same problem solving challenges and mental resistance. Racket sports are just for fun to switch off from the day by day routine. With jiujitsu I release so much more for sure

Melody first hands down!


3 Projects that are special to you.


SFDK is one of the biggest Spanish bands that I had the pleasure to produce music for. That album was very special to me because it was all featuring songs except the track I produced, which was a solo song performed by Zatu (the MC of the band).

Strange Fruit Project

I produced a song for Strange Fruit Project, now if you know Symbolyc one (one of the best American producers nowadays which I had the pleasure to work with) it was his first and only band. Unique sound with crazy beats, check them out.

Emilio Rojas

And lastly the song I produced for Emilio Rojas (NYC) in our first album. That song was a total hit, every time we performed it live people went crazy!


What are the qualities that you look for in an artist?

I like artists that are true to themselves and honest with the music they make as that's the message they're gonna transmit to the world. I like artists who are talented but that's nothing if you don't put the work on. And lastly, I like artists who are terribly good at making music but they're honest and humble, they make you feel the music and create an emotion. It's very easy to spot who's in the game for the for the wrong purpose and at the end of the day, the numbers speak by themselves.

learning how to deal with rejection

Would you consider yourself a procrastinator?

Not at making music, but as a producer, you have to deal with different aspects of the profession that aren't very pleasant to me. Like marketing, social media, selling yourself constantly, all that stuff. I prefer to focus on my music and let it make all the noise, however, I won't deny all these secondary tasks are necessary nowadays to make yourself heard. I’m learning how to deal with rejection and PATIENCE.

Among the big names who would like to work with?

This is a tough one, so many! But I'd say, Drake, J Cole, Jay Z, and Kendrick. All these women who are killing it right now like Rhapsody, SZA or Jhene Aiko. And lastly, I wouldn't mind producing something for Evidence, Little Brother or underground names like Skyzoo or Stalley.