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may 2021

When I perform and people sing almost the full song, where I just hold the mic up, those are memorable performances.


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With High Hopes

Tayeb Hajo AKA TooDope, one of the most prominent voices in the Sudanese rap community. His unique style was first heard when his 2017 smash hit, 'Alright', featuring MaMan, garnered millions of listeners and views worldwide. His music has since revolved around bringing attention to the Sudanese revolution and its aftermath with tracks such as 'Sabbinaha' and 'KTMT'.

He has gone far since and is currently starting his clothing line/collection among other collaborations with a Saudi-based clothing outfit (no pun intended), yet he claims there is still a long way to go. This current endeavor aims to create an identity along with hip-hop artists, TooDope being the first of many, and aims to test the waters with the fusion of his style of music (drill) with the aesthetics.


"I'm good, as good as one can be during a pandemic." He remains optimistic amid the global pandemic: The show must go on. One of the most immediate and widespread ways TooDope is overcoming the pandemic "trying to make it happen in a third-world country" through virtual platforms. Tayeb is widely invested in using social media to interact with his followers and gain new ones. He views such tactics as equally necessary and beneficial.

I'm good, as good as one can be

In a time and era where music has become more visual than ever before, TooDope believes it is important to transcend his music more than the listening aspect. "Your biggest artwork is yourself... how you present yourself." Fans and followers are more invested in an artist's full story according to him. "It's bigger than [just] the music."

The relationship between fashion and popular music is one of teeming and mutual creativity. Reciprocal influences have emerged in some of the most dynamic apparel visualizations ever created in pop culture. Some exist as memorable pieces for the stage and music video; others become long-lasting fashion trends, which dwell in the culture to become noteworthy, referential, and lasting. "Hip-hop is the culture, rap is the music." Through the years, hip-hop has always had a visual presentation on how the culture is introduced. TooDope ventures deeper into this strong correlation.

"Back in the day, you have like the Jay-Z's and P Diddy's where they have their own fashion line." In terms of creating a successful brand empire, these names come to mind. Speaking purely in the sense of individuality, A$AP Rocky, Young Thug and Two Chainz make up his list of artists that have "impeccable tastes in fashion" while maintaining good music.


These opinions on the appealing factor of fashion are a stark contrast to the political scene of Sudan. TooDope hopes that this would change dramatically as the exposure of artists with great potential to become international stars hinge on the stability of the country's socio-economic and political landscape. "Ever since the revolution, more and more [artists] are coming to the limelight. If I have the power to make that change, I would change it soon!"



"When I perform and people sing almost the full song, where I just hold the mic up, those are memorable performances." He goes candid when asked about any embarrassing moment. "There were two other artists before my performance. But as soon as I got on the stage, the electricity went off!" A common scenario in a third-world country, he explains.

Emotions play such a significant role in our clothing choices because often it is not the actual clothes that we wear that determine our feelings and attitudes but the associations we have with them. "When I wear a tuxedo, I walk differently." On the other hand, casual wear makes him strut with a swag.

What you wear affects your mood vice versa