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Luca Valentini is an engineer who made his learned use of technique as the starting point for a superlative vision of art. The truth that his bold portraits exude with a massive use of black and white, refers to life as a perpetual state of becoming: a future that is impossible to seize, because it is mysterious and ambiguous, suspended in the eternal contrast of its colors.
exclusivv | luca valentini: when art goes pop!1



when art goes pop!

as talented beings,
humans have trained
themselves to
express the most
creative ideas and
deepest emotions by
pairing art and music.
music and art
complement each
other because an
artist encodes them
through shadows,
colors, and

Think about a time where
you have bought a record
from a music store
because the cover art
moved you in some way
and empowered your
feelings. Without a doubt,
this combination is
arguably one of
humanity’s greatest

exclusivv | luca valentini: when art goes pop!2


there is a reason why pocahontas sang “colors of the wind”

and why a top band such as U2 spends millions of dollars on tour on cutting-edge staging effects to capture an audience both musically and visually.

exclusivv | luca valentini: when art goes pop!3

Pop sensation, Luca, is no stranger when it comes to combining art and music to project an inspiring level of sound with unique designs to evoke a pure sensual awakening. Albeit from an engineering background, it was a blank canvas that brought Luca’s passion for life to the forefront after experiencing a tragic loss of loved ones.

He said, “I lost the two most important people in my life within a month. This made me realize that we have one life that should be lived to the fullest, and it makes no sense to dedicate it to the complacency of those who clip the wings of one’s dreams.” With an artistic family influence since childhood, Luca dove into the world of art portraying anthropomorphic figures, deepening his drawing experiences before painting at the age of 20. He was mentored by a local artist during “A Bottega,” who channeled his attentions towards oil paintings.

Luca chose to paint the portrait of Dave Grohl for musivv “because he is an artist whom he respected and followed since Nirvana.”

I find the expression on his face very interesting, a look that intrigued me

he concluded.

Luca’s musical and artistic muse is the legend, Freddy Mercury, the iconic frontman of Queen famed for his favorite hit single “Who wants to live forever.” Luca dabbled with painting Mercury’s face in comparison to the Queen of England’s silhouette. This represented a profound contrast between the conservative monarchy and a progressive soul who broke barriers.

exclusivv | luca valentini: when art goes pop!4

when asked about his own definition of art, luca said,

“Art is a language that allows expressing emotions and messages without a single code of interpretation. It is the expression of interiority and the human soul.” He found further inspiration through Pablo Picasso while mastering the history of art. This took his skills to another level to capture a broad spectrum of characteristics that make an artist a great one. With an inspiring push by Cy Twombly, Luca knew that art would become his ultimate mission to propel music.

His purpose is to invoke an inner reflection in people through art, so that they may channel their own creativity. The art of pop music is a modern movement that expresses every aspect of society with a collective imagination. It uses playful language and simplicity to become the art of people, and it is set to evolve within the next five years. This movement is inevitable because of the vigorous correlation between music and art, with them interpreting a way of life for many people.

exclusivv | luca valentini: when art goes pop!5

When it comes to album art covers, Luca said that nothing beats The Velvet Underground & Nico by Andy Warhol because of the disc peeling experience for each listener, which makes it one of the most iconic albums in the history of music.

Art is a
language that
emotions and
without a single
code of

Always believe in
yourself, even if others
do not believe in you

exclusivv | luca valentini: when art goes pop!6

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